What was the point of John and Kate renewing their vows?

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Question by abbysmom .: What was the point of John and Kate renewing their vows?
Last year they renew their vows and say how much in love they are and then this year they may be getting a divorce. Kate even said in a preview for tonight's show that they have been having problems for a very long time. So do u think that they only renewed their vows for the show? It makes you wonder how much of this is real....

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Answer by Light Up The Darkness
Ratings, ratings, ratings.

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I Now Pronounce You, Wedding Photographer
8 renewing marriage vows
Image by chris@APL
What a week! First, I just finished my first "sort of a wedding" photos. Congratulations to C&E on renewing their marriage vows. I can only hope to be as lucky as you guys when I'm at your stage. Also, congratulations to S on getting married! Can't believe you went and got married in Vancouver without telling me! I am so going to make you regret that!

Everyone seems to be moving on to that stage of their lives while I'm still stuck in university trying to graduate. I'm going to be ancient when it's my turn.

Surprise, surprise! From being an amateur photographer just taking random snapshots when I can, I'm now scheduled for two more weddings. Maybe I should start charging people eh? Just to make ends meet? That sort of thing? I can't live on food scraps alone, you know.

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  1. I'm Not Really a Doctor

    None of it is real.

  2. SUZE

    stupid jon and kate.
    its sooooo annoying. WHO CARES about them!

  3. Tome

    weird $ hit on tv = money

  4. John

    If it was real it wouldn’t be on TV in the first place. Real doesn’t happen on TV.

  5. animals=love

    ratings what is the point of anyone doing they what to show off

  6. panterap1

    its all fake
    its all just for ratings
    + they are just gonna get divorced

  7. jellybeanchick

    Could be ratings. Or, it could be that on some level they though renewing their vows would give their relationship a fresh start (which it obviously didn’t).

  8. WhatAmI?

    Ratings. Money for them. Money for the network. Money for the sponsors when the viewers by the stuff advertised on the show.

    I’ve never watched that or any other “reality” show. Those eight kids are being horribly exploited and are NOT having a normal childhood.

  9. Courtney S

    they are just stupid!

  10. krissynay

    Free trip to Hawaii

  11. Honesty

    The show was a sham.
    Everything they did or went was told by tlc to do etc.
    They exploited the kids for money.
    I hope the judge freezes all the moneys from the show so JON OR KATE CANT SPEND ONE PENNY ON THEM SELVES THAT WOULD BE SWEET JUSTICE!

  12. folklore

    How else could they get to Hawaii.

  13. ‚ô•Sarah is Aaron's mommy!!

    I think it was because it was before they took on all the stress of the cheating rumors,spanking pics,tabloid magazines,etc.

  14. BadAngel1234

    Well, as Jon said it was 7-8 months. So I would believe they were still in love. And they still love each other but not in the same way. Jon loves kate cause she’s the mother to his kids and same for Kate. They both said that they don’t hate one another. They are getting a divorcee their marriage is dissolved so they are legally separated.

  15. Due with #1 It's a girl

    At the end of the John and Kate Plus 8 Tonight’s Episode It read “As of June 22nd 2009, John and Kate have filed with the State of Pennsylvania to Dissolve there 10 year marriage”

    Watch John and Kate New Houses and Big Changes Episode. It aired tonight and is on again at 11pm Eastern Standard time on TLC

  16. "Citizen" Saerlaith

    A free trip to Hawaii!