What was your favorite TV shows when you were a kid?

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Question by Captain B. Fukcer: What was your favorite TV shows when you were a kid?
Mine was Super Smash Brothers the old Mario cartoon, He-Man, Inspector Gadget, The Flinstone Kids, Goosebumbs, Gumby, The Smurfs, Transformers, and Alf. LOL.

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Answer by Bolt Thrower
adam 12.
welcome back kotter.
happy days.
laverne and shirley.

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Comments (17)

  1. Let it be
  2. The Chair Wizard VIII

    Hey Arnold

  3. Rαw.ℓove

    Little Bear
    Johnny Bravo
    Are You Afraid Of The Dark
    Rocko’s Modern Life

  4. Zambito
  5. The Uncanny Comic

    The Office

  6. sweeeetie ;)

    I loved all of the 90’s Nickelodeon. :)
    And Tom & Jerry.
    And Scooby Doo.

  7. case closed<3

    darkwing duck (not really)
    are you afraid of the dark
    hey arnold
    rocket power
    bugs bunny clips
    micky mouse skits
    all that good stuff….

  8. anonymous♦girl

    those PBS kids shows
    and some playhouse disney
    sesame street (still love it)
    between the lions (call me a dork, but i loved it)
    pb&j otter
    arthur (i still watch it sometimes. don’t… laugh…)
    and the list goes on… =D

  9. ~*$_Punk_Rock_Misfit_$*~

    adventures of flapjack
    scooby doo

  10. Remix™

    Goosebumps and Rugrats

  11. Barry McCockiner

    I like those too. I also liked The Dukes of Hazzard And The A-Team.


    Rocket Robinhood
    Looney Tunes
    Punky Bruster

    I could go on but I won’t.

  12. I love Uggs =)

    Arthur && Hey Arnold.! =)

  13. Leah

    Scooby Doo, Spongebob, and Hey Arnold. But…who said I stopped watching them?

  14. α;$ (Suspended Re-αdd]

    hey Arnold & proud family

  15. Eldridge

    As a kid of the 1950s I really enjoyed “Your Show of Shows”.

  16. Alejandro

    Shows you already named, like The Smurfs and The Flintstones. But also, I was and still am a big fan of Dexter’s Lab and The Jetsons. A film adaption of The Jetsons is set to be released sometime 2012 and my girlfriend and I both can’t wait to see it. And we’re 20!

  17. kkerseyy777