What wedding colors are suggested for a black and peach wedding dress?

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Question by Bonnie Velazquez: What wedding colors are suggested for a black and peach wedding dress?
I am in the wedding planning process however I have yet to decide what wedding colors would be best to work with. My theme is a combination of old world Victorian Gothic styles (a la Tim Burton), and a light hearted fairy tale that will be held in the fall. We are trying to stick to eco friendly methods, or at least sustainable. In case this may help, here is the link to a picture of my dress

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Answer by Brenda
I'd suggest putting the bridesmaids in a darker hue than yourself. Something like this http://www.dimitradesigns.com/shopcart/ProductLayouts/ProductDetailDisplay.asp?CategoryID=89&ProductID=507 would make sense, I think. I think your wedding dress is very unique!


I hope this helps.

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