What will a fuel system flush do for my car?

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Question by Abbey: What will a fuel system flush do for my car?
I have a 1995 Grand Am that runs great, but I was wondering what a fuel system flush would do for my car? Good, bad, not needed?

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Answer by wrench.monkey
Many shops offer a fuel injection service. The only one I can speak for is the Motor-Vac. It cleans the fuel injectors, fuel rail & depending on the type of fuel injection system it can also clean the top end of the the engine of cabon deposits. Some say it dosnt work but after many many years in the business I can say it really works. I have used it on my pesonal cars and truck and had a small increase in mileage and a smoother idle.

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  1. stan lee

    I am a firm beleiver in preventive maintance. I personally use Slick 50 motor & fuel system treatments in my cars. I have never had a problem as result of using them. They make your car run for years more than they would without the help. Note: You can not wait until damage is already done to your motor or fuels system before beginning to use these products, They are edesigned to prevent your motor from getting damaged, but they can not fix any problems that have already occurred!

  2. mister ss

    if it’s running great as you say you don’t need it.

  3. baldie

    its suppose to dissolve the dirt, but if it runs great, like you said, then i would just use some good fuel injector cleaner.