What would be a good 16th wedding anniversary present for my parents?

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Question by Em: What would be a good 16th wedding anniversary present for my parents?
I'm not sure what to buy for my parents' 16th wedding anniversary (14th July). I really need help. Nothing over 400 dollars. I really want something that can be for both of them, not just my mum-ie. jewellery. or my dad- ie golf balls
(no dinners, or restaurant- they refused that present)

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Answer by Shabana chikk
maybey a nearby hotel!! for 1 night!!

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  1. roxxn

    How about just a beautifully catered and decorated party with family and some close friends of theirs. You can hire or have someone do the photography and give them a family portrait present right there and then :)

  2. ladonnabrik

    Find an old photo of them together on their wedding day. Or maybe even before. Have it blown up, redone, or even an artist paint it. Then put it in a frame. I had an artist redo my grandmother’s photo after she passed and gave it to my grandfather. He has it above the mantel in his living room and just loves it. All you have to do is find the photo you like most and they can paint it for you on a canvas. Only cost me about $ 120, depending on how big you want it.

  3. bikerchris

    As ’16th Anniversary’ isn’t a big one (i.e. 10,15, 20,25, etc) I would get them a nice token gift, but save your money for their 20th. It would mean more to them that way.

  4. gail force winds

    There are no long-standing, traditional gifts associated with 16 years of marriage. Contemporary 16th wedding anniversary gifts dictate silver hollowware, however, and the silverware theme presents a broad range of gift options. From beautiful cutlery sets to ornate silver picture frames, silver is abundant and diverse.

    If the couple enjoys the timelessness of silver accessories, consider a silver teapot set or a special dining service piece. Whether you purchase an heirloom piece or a more modern creation, your gift will reflect the friendship and celebration long associated with silver. For the wife, an antique silver hairbrush or jewelry box would make an exquisite gift.

    A wedding photo, or special memory photo of the couple, can be framed in silver for a personal and meaningful present. You can even have a personalized anniversary cartoon created and framed in silver, for a long-lasting and humorous presentation. Silver photo albums, too, can house an array of special memories and mementos that the couple has shared