What would you bring to a party for a man bear pig?

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Question by Podunk Poet: What would you bring to a party for a man bear pig?
He is baaaaack!!!!!!!

Welcome back, man bear pig, we missed you!!!!!!

I am bringing a dump truck full of acorns to distract the squirells with, what are you bringing?

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Answer by HazeDaze
id get al gore to slay him for me so i wouldnt have to live in fear

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Comments (10)

  1. (: Doggie mommy (:

    An imagination land nuke
    immmaaagggiiinnnaaatiiion Laaannnd

  2. Sneakers O'Toole

    i cant figure out what your avatar is….

  3. mardaw

    Christmas creatures

  4. miss.sarcastic

    PORK CHOPS!!!……NO …wait he’s a pig…………………CHICKEN!!!

  5. Bobsbabe
  6. Turkey is a Feathered Veggie

    hot wings for manbearpig

  7. alicia7382

    I probably bring Scuzzlebutt to the party… with the Patrick Duffy leg attached of course. lol It will be nice to see how these two unique creatures interact.

  8. man bear pig .

    Aw *sniff* Manbearpig is touched.
    (Well, some nice people in white coats said I was.)

    *blink blinkl*

    And acorns! YAY!!
    And people are bringing chicken too! (Oh that will be special. (I dont find many chickens out here in the woods.
    (But ya know what ,its true what they say, dead hiker’s Do taste like chicken..oh wait, I wasnt supposed to say that.

    Oh and Al Gore and Scuzzlebutt are coming too?
    Thats good. We can eat scuzzlebutt’s celery with the chicken, and I will chase Al Gore around the tree till he gets tired and then he’ll nap for a little while (he just wants people to take him cereal you know)



    *runs clumsily back into woods to get ready for the party…*

  9. Rock Candy

    HAHAHA! I don’t even remember where it was that the hiker got pushe…., I mean tripped, all I really remember was eating this awesome BBQ and bones flying willy nilly everywhere 😀

    Welcome back manbearpig, we will save Al and Scuzzlebutt seats of honor at your table!