What’s a good company to go to if you want to design your own wedding ring?

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Question by Freelance G: What's a good company to go to if you want to design your own wedding ring?
My sister-in-law is getting married in the fall and she's looking for a unique wedding ring instead of going to like Jared or Zales or something. So I told her "Why don't you design your own wedding ring?" She's interested, but it seems expensive at the places she's checked out already. Any help would be appreciated.

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Answer by Nohealani
Find an independent, private jeweler. They should be listed in your local yellow pages. When you've narrowed down your search, check with your local BBB to see if they have any complaints against them.

I would highly recommend against setting foot in any mall jeweler. Anything that you can buy there can be bought for equal quality at far lower price at a private jeweler; or, for the same price point, you can get better quality. The downside is that you may have to wait a while for the ring to be made.

Your sister can look through magazines or at different websites for general ideas of the kind of design she wants. Then she can show the pictures to the jeweler; he can then show her similar designs from his portfolio, or they can come up with a unique design altogether.

Yes it definitely can get expensive, depending on how elaborate it is, and if she wants to add any stones. She definitely shouldn't spend so much that it will stretch her finances, but don't skimp either; a wedding ring is something that is eternal, so she'll have to decide for herself how important it really is whether her ring comes at a $ 250 or $ 450 price tag.

Good luck.

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  1. Adrian Rocks


    I work for a small Canadian company (RocksDiamondDeals), and we would be glad to assist your sister in getting a custom ring set at a below retail price.

    RocksDiamondDeals is a registered Canadian business (website: http://www.rocksdiamonddeals.net), we have many stones in stock, however if we do not have what your sister are looking for in stock we can order a stone for your sister from our suppliers.

    Our prices (even with custom made jewellery) are BELOW retail.

    We can definitely help your sister get your custom ring (and wedding bands if she needs them)… Whether she is are looking for a white diamond, or a Pink, Yellow, Black, or any other colour diamond we can help.

    Please email sales@rocksdiamonddeals.net if you, or your sister, would like our assistance.
    You can also visit our website at http://www.rocksdiamonddeals.net (currently under going a full re-construction) or our Facebook Page (Rocks Diamond Deals).

    I hope i have been helpful,

  2. Johnny Utah

    Most local jewelers with a larger shop can custom make rings for you. For something REALLY custom…i.e. wax molds and designs you need to do a bit of research.

    However it is going to be expensive. No only will you be paying for the gold and the diamonds you will be paying for the man hours.

    My recommendation is to pick out some loose stones and go to a local jeweler and ask to see their setting book. They can show you thousands of settings that you can put your your hand chosen diamonds in. My recommendation is find a shop or independent dealer that sells GIA certified diamonds…I wouldn’t buy a diamond these days without one.

    Decide, do you want solitaire, 3 stone, 3 stone with stones on the band etc. From there you can pick out your stones.

    Tell her good luck!

  3. Samuel Hood

    See this site here maximum design rings are available but not gold . Have a look over it. May be your searching will be stopped.

  4. dreamstategraphics

    Speaking from personal experience, if you’re looking for unique wedding rings, your sister might want to check out Minter and Richter Designs. I’m biased because that’s where we got our titanium wedding bands. They’re amazingly beautiful, and I had never seen handmade wedding rings like them before.

    We pretty much ordered ours “as is”, but they do allow you to design your own wedding ring.

    They’re a husband and wife team, and they sell their rings on etsy, so we found their prices to be really affordable. And the owners are so nice. It was an awesome experience.

    Good luck to you and congratulations to your sister! :)