Whats the worse impulse purchase you have made in the past?

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Question by Anonymous: Whats the worse impulse purchase you have made in the past?
I'm just wondering, when you buy stuff, what was the worse impulse purchase you ever made? Did you regret or was it actually not worse but good? How much was it? The worse impulse purchase I made was to purchase this coach keychain but luckily it was before 30 days ended and I returned it. So whats your story?

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Answer by shaderdeedaderee
I had a friend once that would talk me into buying the most ridiculous stuff.. the worst thing I ever did from impulse was a 200 dollar dress to wear out, simply b/c I didn't bring one to wear that night (we were out of town)

Gah, it wasn't even pretty, green, strapless and old looking.. what a pushover I am.

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  1. LeAndra

    Every purchase I make is stupid. LOL I have a serious spending problem. I just recently bought $ 350 worth of vitamins because I got a hair up my butt. Worst of all I put it on my credit card LOL. It’s bad times for me….

  2. saveapenny