When does the maid of honor give the Bride her wedding present?

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Question by Brown Eyed Girl: When does the maid of honor give the Bride her wedding present?
Do I give it to her at the rehearsal or leave it on the card/gift table at the wedding? Thanks!

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Answer by ♥ Mrs. T to Be ♥
Unless it's something special, like personalized that you want to see her reaction, bring it to the wedding.
At the rehearsal dinner is usually when the bride gives her bridesmaids and MoH a gift. Also parents.

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  1. New mommy

    Mine gave it to me at the wedding. We were alone in the bridal suite waiting to be announced into the reception and she handed me a gift. (I did tell her that since she did SO much for me that she doesn’t need to get me anything for the wedding)
    If you know you are going to have a moment then give it to her then, if not leave it on the gift table.

  2. Mickey.Slick

    my maid of honor gave it to me while we were getting ready. but she also gave me and my husband a small gift and left it on the gift table at the wedding.

  3. Majestic

    It depends on what the gift is. If it is a toaster… gift table is fine. If it is something very personal and small enough for her to put in her purse… the rehearsal is ok too. But do it alone so that the other bridesmaids don’t feel like they should have brought theirs too.

  4. Sons Of Anarchy

    At the wedding.