When hosting a bridal shower, do you put who is hosting if its only 1 person?

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Question by Blackberries: When hosting a bridal shower, do you put who is hosting if its only 1 person?
I've been looking online at Bridal Shower invitations to get ideas (I'm making my own). I was looking at the wording of the invites and almost all of them said at the bottom:

Hosted by the Bridesmaids


Hosted by Amanda Smith and Jane Doe

or something similar. Is that only done when there is more than one hostess? If i'm hosting by myself do I put "Hosted by Katie"?
Another example:
Thanks for everyone's answers! Yes, I'm hosting by myself. Its at a restaurant and I'm paying for the buffet, alcohol, and decor out of my own pocket for 18 people. I don't feel like i HAVE to have specific credit, I just wanted to know what is normally done.

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  1. klulumyers

    Yes– absolutely— do not open up the possibility of someone else taking the credit for your hard work and dedication. Make sure the bride has an un blemished invite for her scrapbook or wedding keepsake box. That way 30 years later she can reminisce and know what a great friend you always were.

  2. killerapple

    Sure – if it’s just hosted by yourself, you get the credit!

  3. launess2002

    I say if you’re the one planning, and putting everything together, you should definitely take credit for it, and claim yourself as the hostess.

  4. D4Pres2012

    yes, just put your own name if you’re the one planning and paying for everything. the host is generally the person paying.

  5. Dianna

    Yes, it’s perfectly acceptable to just put your name if you are the one who is doing everything. If you expect more help later on down the road, you may put something like, Katie and friends. Or if you don’t want to put your name on the invitation, put like, hosted by the bride’s best friend/gal or by the maid or honor, etc.

    Even if I was the one doing mostly everything (I’ve hosted a wedding shower and was a cohost to a baby shower, I did the invites for both), I put hosted by family and friends (it was her Mom, sister, cousin, and me).