When will homosexuals realize that marriage is a state issue, not a federal issue?

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Question by Exposing Liberal Lies: When will homosexuals realize that marriage is a state issue, not a federal issue?
If homosexuals insist on making it a federal issue, we can always pass an amendment to the US Constitution making marriage JUST between a man and a woman.
Newell: You HAVE equal protection. You are not prohibited from marrying a woman. Equal protection does not guarantee you the right to marry someone of the same sex, or 4 people, or your dog.
And Newell: You will notice that I allow your answers, but you don't afford me the same courtesy. Shows you are a coward not to allow me to answer your questions.

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Answer by NOBAMA
If it's not a federal issue, why do religious conservatives want an amendment? Why was DOMA passed?

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  1. Chewy Ivan 2

    Conservatives are homosexuals? Because they are the ones trying to turn this state issue into a federal one by pushing for a constitutional amendment as well as the Defense of Marriage Act.

  2. ElwaytheCat

    The Supreme Court made it a federal issue when they stated that marriage is a civil right – Loving v. Virginia 1967. And what about DOMA isn’t federal? And you won’t get that amendment passed. During Bush’s terms it was tried twice – and failed miserably. Our Congress isn’t going to add discrimination to our Constitution.

  3. falsi fiable

    When will Conservatives realize that marriage is a legal contract that was created to protect property and inheritance rights? In the US it comes with 1324 rights and privileges.

    1324 rights granted to married couples that domestic partnerships and unmarried couples do not get:

    Traditional marriage was reserved for the aristocrats to protect their property and inheritance rights. The eldest son usually inherited everything. Women and young ladies were treated as chattel to be auctioned off to the highest suitor. If religious folks want a return to traditional marriage, then they must hate poor people and females.

  4. Vonnegut

    You’re sure you could pass that amendment?

  5. Newell

    14th Amendment to the Constitution. Equal protection under the law.

  6. Confused man

    Civil rights are something which the federal government is supposed to enforce and make sure that the states are not violating their citizens liberty.

  7. lynus jary™®©

    Never unless they read lips

  8. The Mad Baron

    I am willing to let them get married in all 50 right now, just because I am curious what the next complaint will be.

  9. Elvis

    There are provisions in the Constitution stating the majority shall not decide the rights of the minority. I believe it was the 14th Amendment that made interracial marriages legal. And the 9th Amendment is the equal protection clause.

  10. Daniel Fellows


    If a State wants to ban Gay Marriage, I believe its their Right to do so…
    If a State wants to Legalize Gay Marriage, I believe its their Right to do so…

  11. thor

    When the federal govt. stops making it a federal issue. No more tax breaks for being married or head of household or for having kids.

  12. Hugh Jorgan

    Bush 43 tried doing that during his term, and failed. He knew it would never pass. He just wanted everyone to know where he stood on the subject.

    Times change, and the right for gays to marry may someday be a Constitutional amendment.