Where can I find a counselor for my 8 year old boy?

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Question by maderavmc: Where can I find a counselor for my 8 year old boy?
I am a father who got physical custody over my 8 year old boy. The court order me to enroll my child in counseling with a counselor who works with high conflict divorces for a period of at least 6 months. My insurance does not cover this and since this is for a extended period of time, i wonder if sombody can help me by telling me how to go about finding a child couselor or therapist that can fit my budget.

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Answer by shining_halo_bks
you might check with your local Child Protection Service or CPS. If it is court appointed they could help. Or check into Christian Counseling. YOur peditrician should be able to help as well.

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  1. Joe

    the yellow pages

  2. donna

    ask your childs school they have many refrences and many with recommends from the school are free of charge. I assume that you have enlightened your childs school of what is going on. Take it from there. make an appointment with the school councellor or principal or vice principal. They are all there to help you ensure that your son has the least difficulties in life. Good luck. If you are unhappy doing this then check with your local social services or dcf .

  3. drewster

    Doesn’t his school have a Guidance Counselor on hand? Even if (s)he isn’t equip to deal with his particular situation, I’m sure that (s)he can provide you with a suitable referral.

  4. whisper.1973

    talk to your physician.. (the child’s Dr.) and have him refer you to someone. That’s what I did… it’s really that simple… and most insurance co.’s require referrals in order to pay out.

  5. amy120705

    i would tlk 2 some 1 at his school as they can help you and most scholls hav councelors now adays

  6. iyamacog

    Seems if the court ordered it, the court should’ve given you a list of qualified counselors. Call the court for such.
    Otherwise try the following. Hopefully you’re in the USA, and your state is listed here.


  7. robert

    most family therapy centers have sliding scales…that means that they will take into consideration you family situation and income. Also most private therapist also have sliding scales…but you need to ask. You can also contact universities as they often have clinics (with qualified students) at reduced rates. You can also contact the order of pyschologist and or the order of social workers and they can assist you. Good luck.