Where can I find a timeline/checklist for a 6 month engagement?

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Question by weddingcrazy89: Where can I find a timeline/checklist for a 6 month engagement?
Everywhere I look, there are only checklists that tell you what to do on the 6th month, assuming that the engagement is a year long. I am getting married in 6 months, so I need to find one that fits that specific timeline and how to get things done in that period of time.

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  1. Blondee {B2B 9.12.09}

    I believe the knot’s check list adjusts to whatever date you put in as your wedding date when you sign up online.

  2. GagesMomColie

    I didn’t use a checklist, but got the big things taken care of first. Dress, venue, photos. Those are things that either take longer or are booked in advance. I’m getting married in June and was engaged mid Jan.

  3. katrina A.K.A caboose girl

    Go to your Meijer go to the briedal eyel and get the boook that they have there, there is only one there.they have what you need I hope

    Good Luck!!!!!! Have fun

  4. kp


  5. chozengirl1982

    Most engagement calendars are going to be 12month calendars. What you need to do is go to theknot.com and look at what you needed to do from month 6-12 and catch up. You are going to be a busy woman. Good luck!

  6. WhatADay

    Just go to some of the sites that other people posted.. take their “year” long planning list and basically crimp it into 6 months.. for example month 12 & 11 are what you would do in month 6..

    Good luck planning in 6 months!! It can be done.. just make sure you stay on task and it will be good. I had 18 months to plan.. 3 months to go.. it still seems like it was a lot..

    Good luck!!

  7. Lilly and Kazzy's Mommy

    Any of the wedding websites, when you put your date in, it will tell you what date you need to have things done by.

    OR…you could just take the 12 month checklist and if it says to do it by the 4th month, make sure its done by the 2nd. Just divide everything in half.

    Congrats on your engagement! Good luck!