Where can I find a white, short-sleeve, zip-up hoodie?

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Question by ambuherr: Where can I find a white, short-sleeve, zip-up hoodie?
I'm getting married in June and I want to get a white, short-sleeve, zip-up hoodie that says, "Mrs. ___" on the back but I can't find one anywhere, any ideas?
also, it can be plain white, I'll just add the, "Mrs.___" myself.

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Answer by Ali
buy a plain white hoodie, cut off the sleeves and but those iron on things...

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  1. (oɯlǝ) ɐɹɐlɔ

    I was going to say Wet Seal but they don’t have personalized jackets..
    Search on the internet for personalized items.
    Good luck!

  2. Sabrina

    Embroidered: “Soon To Be Mrs. ______” Hoodie with Short Sleeves $ 59.95
    in white (as well as navy, black, taupe, baby blue, baby pink, and heather gray)

    Personalized Short Sleeve Lightweight Hoodie with Optional Capri Pants
    $ 59.95 (w/ pants: plain $ 27 & embroidered $ 37)

    EDIT: Oh if you just want a white short sleeved hoodie, you can get one at Target for less that $ 7:
    Mossimo Supply Company Short Sleeve Hoodie – True White $ 6.95

  3. Mary

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