Where can I find the best wedding accessories and kikay fashion accessories in the Philippines?

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Question by artotoy: Where can I find the best wedding accessories and kikay fashion accessories in the Philippines?
I have a limited budget for m upcoming events regadring wedding accessories, fashion shows and trade show events. So I need options on different price ranges of diferent suppliers of fashion accessories.

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Answer by Fashion Guru
Try this: http:www.baycrafts.net

They offer different varieties of wedding accessories. They also offer different fashion items or kikay items.

note: "kikays" - Philippine term for "filipina fashionist"

I heard that they customised wedding accessories upon your request.

About your budget preferences, they have a very reasonable kikay accessories prices. It ranges from P50 to P700. Sweet!

The best thing about this Baycrafts Accessories is that they accept orders anywhere in the Philippines and they ship via FEDEX, OCS, AIR21 or the courier you prefer at P50/kilo only! They accept international order too via Paypal and Xoom payment method.

Their online store(www.baycrafts.net) says that: "We offer Kikay Items, Kikay Accessories, Kikay Philippines, Latest Fashion Trend in the Philippines, Kikay Bracelet, Kikay Jewelry, Philippine Fashion Accessories, Craft, Workshops, Macrame, Handicraft, Hand Craft, Dreamcatcher,Potpuorri, Dried Flower, Shell Craft, Christmas, Kikay Kits, Jewelry Making, Beaded Bracelet, Paper Mache, Beaded Box, Necklace and Custom Jewelry."

You might want to check their site.

Anyway, good luck to your events, I hope I am a great help to your research.

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