where can i find the value of an antique crystal vase?

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Question by joey s: where can i find the value of an antique crystal vase?
i know it is crystal or lead crystal. and i know it is truly an antique because i am 40 now and i always remember it placed on there dining room table for holiday dinners since i was a child. i inherited it from my grandma who said it was a wedding present from her parents who got it as a wedding present themselves. it has no manufacturer markings on it. i have looked all over on the internet and cant find anything that looks similar. i am just wondering if anyone can help me as to find out if it is very valuable. i know it is hand cut on the exterior. im not smart on antiques but i can spot hand cut crystal. even if i snap my finger on the base of it which is quite thick it makes a very prominent ringing tone. any help would be appreciated. its 10 and 1/4 tall and 3 and 3/8 inches at the base. i can email a picture if anyone knows much about this. im going to sell it and i want true market value.
to the first person who answered, no i dont want to sell it but i have been unemployed for a few months now. sure i want to keep it but i need to take care of my family first. sure i could sell our car. but i cant drive an antique crystal vase to work.

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Answer by Joan H
I can see that you would like to know about it, but do you really want to sell it? It sounds like it is a family heirloom.

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  1. red

    Check first very carefully for any signature. It’s often in the rim on the bottom. If not, take it to a reputable (reputable!) antique dealer. Do not tell them you want to sell it to them (they will only give you about a third of the value anyway). They should be able to help identify it for you. In our antique mall we allow our customers to browse through our selection of books. For a good appraisal, you may have to pay an appraiser.
    Selling it for true market value may be difficult unless you want to list it on e-bay…or happen to know someone who collects this particular type of glass. Also, your local library should have reference books for glass. Good luck!

  2. Lucinda

    call up the Antiques road show they should be able to help…they know all sorts of identifying marks that you and I cant even see.. they are amazing!!