Where in LA can i get a wedding license?

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Question by ReasonToSmile: Where in LA can i get a wedding license?
Im getting married and i need to get a wedding license..Where can my boy friend and I go get it? Courthouse?(name of court or address) Office? Can i have actual addresses or web sites please.. I know its $ 70 right?

Also how long does it take for me to get the license!

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Answer by MrsMagee
Congratulations and much happiness as you begin your lifetime journey together!

Requirements may vary as each county in California could have their own requirements.

Call for Appointment:
It is recommended that you call the California County or City Clerk's office to see if they suggest setting an appointment. You could find yourselves in a long line with as much as a 2 hour wait without an appointment in some California locales.
ID and California Residency Requirements:
California requires a picture id such as Drivers License or other valid identification. Some counties recommend bringing certified copies of your birth certificates.
You do not have to be a resident of California to apply for a marriage license there.

Information you need to know before you start filling out the marriage license application:

Where each of your parents were born (city and state)
The names of your parents including your mother’s maiden name
Confidential License in California:
If you have lived together as a married couple, you can apply for a confidential license. This means there is no public record of your marriage.

There is no waiting period in California.
It will cost you $ 45.00+ to get married in California. The cost of receiving a marriage license varies from county to county and some California counties will only accept cash ... so don't leave home without some cash!
Other Tests:
California doesn't require blood tests.
Under 18:
If either the bride or groom is under 18, at least one of the minor’s parents, or legal guardian, must appear with the couple. Certified copies of birth certificates are required. The couple must also schedule an appointment with a counselor and then appear before a California superior court judge.

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