Where is the best place to purchase an engagement ring?

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Question by dr j: Where is the best place to purchase an engagement ring?
I'm ready to begin looking for an engagement ring and I'd like some tips on finding the right store. Should I look for a wholesaler or a retailer and is there anywhere specific in Tacoma-Seattle that you would suggest? Thanks!

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Answer by World Peace
Tiffany & Co. makes the most beautiful rings I have ever seen!

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  1. Angela K

    Well, I got mine from a retailer (Shaw’s) but only because I’m the biggest clutz in the world so their service plans are better because they’re bigger.. better insured that kind of thing.

    But a lot of people like the small “mom and pop” jewelry shops.. a lot of times the quality can be much better but more expensive and they don’t typically offer a service plan as good as a retailer.

  2. Heather C

    There is no “best place” since everyone has there own taste. Definitely shop around alot, and don’t purchase online.

  3. kittenkatt79

    There is no “best place.” Figure out what you’re looking for in a retailer and beware of businesses who claim to be wholesalers. There are a lot of scams in the jewelry market.

    Get educated first. Learn about cut, color, clarity, and carat… also certification. Walk away from any retailer who tries to sell you an uncertified diamond. GIA and AGS are the best certification labs with the strictest standards. IGI and EGL are not reputable labs.

    If you are looking for quality AND value, I’d avoid all of the mall stores (Kay, Zales, Jared, Robbins, etc). They tend to sell very poor quality, heavily included stones for way too much. Jared does sell some very nice ideal cut stones, but the markup they charge is ridiculous. If you are buying from a storefront, I would highly recommend you seek out a reputable independent jeweler who does all work on site. Look for online reviews of each jeweler you are considering buying from.

    Don’t fall for buying the “extended warranty” from any retailer. A good jeweler will service any ring they sell free of charge. Also, any warranty is not the same as insurance – a warranty won’t replace your ring in case of loss or theft. DO buy insurance for your ring (through your insurer or through Jewelers Mutual or Chubb). It costs me $ 50 a year to insure my $ 5000 ring. Totally worth it and my local jeweler does all of my ring services (cleaning, checking prongs, maintenance, and rhodium plating) for free.

    If you are willing to buy online, you will absolutely get the best deal and won’t have to pay tax. Some online jewelers that I know are extremely reputable and carry top quality diamonds are:

    http://www.goodoldgold.com (also great for education, and has the best diamond analysis pictures & videos)

    Many people buy from BlueNile – they are one of the least expensive diamond outlets online. BlueNile is a reputable vendor and I know many people are happy with them, but they are what’s called a “drop shipper.” They have a huge catalog of diamonds, but most of those diamonds are not actually in their possession. Thus, you can see the certification report of each diamond, but you can’t actually see a picture of each diamond. I personally could not purchase a diamond when I can’t at least see several pictures of it and analysis of light return.

    Best of luck to you in your search.

  4. beetlemilk

    For a competitively priced diamond with a large data base, I’d go with
    These will be much less expensive, and you can get better quality for your money. You would have to know what it is you are looking for, so go browse first.
    I was not at all concerned purchasing online. I bought a high quality diamond for less than half the price that Jared’s was offering on a diamond of lower quality. You can view the plot of inclusions online. Provided that you go with a VS2 quality or better you won’t be disappointed because the inclusions won’t be visible, and only barely visible with a loupe.

  5. 4REEE

    I got my wife’s ring at Diamond Brokers of Florida:


    Or you could check out these other online sources:





    Blue Nile’s database is good, but they don’t provide you with photos or analysis reports of the diamond. I wouldn’t go with them for that reason.

    Happy hunting.


  6. John

    Buying online you will absolutely get you the best deal and you will not have to pay tax. Some reputable online jewelers that carry top quality diamonds are:

    http://www.jamesallen.com (Extensive Hearts & Arrows diamond collection, great diamond images with virtual loupe, 3D View of the rings and on the hand and outstanding quality.)
    http://www.bluenile.com (drop shipper, they don’t actually see the diamond but many people are happy with their quality.)
    http://www.goodoldgold.com (Good for education and information on every diamond, more expensive than others.)