Where to go in Vegas for a nice honeymoon and good entertainment?

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Question by kiaengaged: Where to go in Vegas for a nice honeymoon and good entertainment?
I am trying to plan a honeymoon trip to Vegas in June on a tight budget of about $ 1500 I want to stay for 3 nights in a decent room and be able to still have money left over for entertainment good food and of course to gamble. I have looked at orbitz and travelocity but I not seeing anything that is catching my eye. I would apperciate any advise on where to stay or on entertainment. Also on how to make my budget workout for me.

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Answer by mikewonaus
Aloha from Down Unda!

I'd pick Caesars Palace, Paris Las Vegas or Venetian!

These are the ones which we beleive to have the best 'romance' factors!

Congrats/Best Wishes

K-den, M1/NSWMoke aka mikewonaus@yahoo.com aka
Dorfus :o)) Chucklenose

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Great Skydiving clip from Honeymoon in Vegas
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  1. cardsfan55

    If you avoid the weekend, and large conventions you should have no trouble…A good plan is to check the travel sites, then the hotels own site, find the best deal, call the hotel to see if they will price match the best rate, if they don’t have the best. Hold the room, then keep looking, you never know when a great offer will pop up..If you buy a package deal then you are stuck.

    To check room rates

    hotel reviews

    for LV info
    http://www.lasvegasadvisor.com > great source of info on gambling – restaurants – buffets – shows – etc

    A lot of hotel will send you e-mail specials if you take the time to sign up on their site – use the LVA site above to link to any/every hotel/casino in LV – most will only send you a special that is good for the next month or two.

    These would be my suggestions for a great “honeymoon” location
    The Venetian
    Caesars Palace – Palace or Augustus Tower
    Luxor – they have Jacuzzi suites in the Pyramid, the Jacuzzi is built up into the corner of the room, very romantic, awesome view.
    Paris – one of the rooms which look out over the Fountains of Bellagio.
    Mirage – nice pool, great location.
    Rio – off the strip, but nice rooms and pool.
    Golden Nugget – if you’re thinking of staying downtown, the GN is 4 star and first class all the way.

    Luxor and Mirage offer some very nice rates at times.

    One of my favorite places to stay and play is the Las Vegas Hilton, but then it’s because I’m a big sports fan(best sports book in LV), and they have the video poker that I like to play. The LV Hilton is also the only hotel that I have a promo code for right now that is good for the month of June PC>PHOTDT7 – for rates that start at $ 65.95 and include 2-4-1 buffet and 2 free Spa passes..

    If you are willing to pass on the 4-5 star hotels and go for a 3 you can save a ton on the room. This is a list of them that I would recommend. Not, in any particular order, you would just have to check each to see if they have the amenities you are interested in.
    Sam’s Town
    Main Street Station
    Fiesta Henderson
    Boulder Station

    I think the best show is Mystere at Treasure Island, you can get tickets 90 days ahead of time and the $ 60 tickets are just fine. “O” at Bellagio, KA at MGM are more expensive, but also great shows.

    If you want to make your money last when it comes to gambling, it’s a piece of cake. LOL That’s why so many are able to do it.
    1-know how to play the game
    2-know which games to play
    3-know how to manage your bankroll
    4-know what hotel is going to appreciate your level of play.

    These table games have the lowest house advantage, “IF” the correct strategy is used.
    Blackjack – play perfect basic strategy
    Craps – play the pass line – take the odds – place the 6 or 8
    Baccarat – bet the Bank or Player

    Pai Gow Poker is fun and it’s a game you can play for hours without going broke

    Video Poker is the best bet – but it’s getting tougher to find advantage VP in LV…The LVA site has a list of the best VP in LV..

  2. BJ007

    Tony N Tinas Wedding at the Rio is a pretty good show that you might like. We had a lot of fun at it.

  3. May I help You?

    A thought to consider – if you want points, every casino has the “key card” to get your them. You establish a credit account.
    They do a credit check on your, and they have your credit report.
    Everyone knows what you owe, and every credit card you have, because when your name pops up for casino ID, they instantly have tons of information about you.
    That is their “COMP” PROGRAM, and every casino has one.
    If that is what you want, you will get just that.

    No thanks, no comp program with my credit report advertised to anyone in any casino for me!

    But if you want to have fun: Read on –
    There are many deals at expedia.com and travelocity.com

    There are casinos everywhere – so don’t feel you have to lose all of your money at one location.
    There are roller coasters on top of tall buildings.
    There are white tigers on the first floor side area of the Mirage.
    There are outside shows at Treasure Island.
    There are many where you can lose $ 50 without even trying, then win $ 10, then win another $ 50.
    It’s easy to lose $ 100+ a day minimum, so if you’re smart
    you’ll back away if you lose $ 20 – and try your luck another time, or another day.

    Best location, and I stayed there January 2006, was the Mirage and it’s next to Treasure Island, across from Venetian Grand canal, and down the street are Bellagio and the Eiffel tower.
    You can walk everywhere, or take the bus when your feet get tired (very cheap).

    Don’t forget to lunch at the Eiffel tower – pricey but great, great food, and across from the fantastic Bellagio fountains that have themes – yes dancing fountains w/music when you’re outside to hear.

    Lunch also at the revolving restaurant -where you can see all of Vegas during the day – THE STRATOSPHER. The food was magnificent and you can see if you go at lunchtime – where the people of Las Vegas live and the mountains that surround it.

    Las Vegas – I saw Jay Leno and he was non-stop for 1 & 1/2 hours of jokes, and we got the last 2 seats in the far section, and it was still somewhat close because the entertainment area was well done!

    We went to see Mystere show – and the best is called “O” which means water in French. The stage actually opens for people to dive into, and then closes for people to walk on it.
    So amazing.

    At the end of 7 days, I was ready to come home. It’s exciting, but not enough to say, wow someday I’d consider living there.

    GOD bless us one and all, always.
    MBA-Boston Univ.

  4. Yochention

    You can find places to go for you honeymoon in Las Vegas from this website: http://www.romantic-escape.com/las-vegas-honeymoon.html

    Congratulation on your wedding.. :-)

  5. dream r

    it depends where you live for example try http://www.vegas.com and look up the hotel and flight as a package for three nights, or depeding on the airport if there is a direct airline that travels from your town to vegas they can offer a good package deal too, but you have to search both hotel and flight, of course, the more in advance the better. i went on my honey moon to vegas, booked it two months in advance from the airline direct online to vegas and for two people and three nights four days, round trip at the paris was 869.64 total, ot bad huh? but you have to look, in advance ok.