Which monologue is the best for a freshman in highschool?

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Question by Valerie Star: Which monologue is the best for a freshman in highschool?
I am participating in a Shakespeare competition and I need to pick a monologue. which monologue do you think is the best for a 14 year old girl in this list? Ps. I am better at dramatic monologues than comedic ones! http://esuus.org/Shakespeare2012/2012%20Suggested%20Monologues%20List.pdf

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Answer by Adam
Joan de Pucelle from Henry VI I promise you. No one else will do.

Basically it's Joan of Arc, she promises the Dauphine (King Charles of France) to lead France to victory over the English. in the end she is burnt to death by the English but becomes basically a saint of France because of her Bravery. She's pretty young.

Juliet from Romeo and Juliet. But guarantee some one else will do it.

I think ths because it is a tragedy and also Juliet is suppose to be about your age.

If you know Romeo and Juliet don't read this.----> Basically she falls in love with Romeo but their families hate each other and by mistake they both end up committing suicide together. It's obviously more than that but that's the basis.

Isabella from Measure for Measure, again unlikely choice.

She is a nun vowed to celibacy (not having sex) who is told by Angelo who is sort of standing in as king that he will kill her brother if she doesn't have sex with him. They eventually trick Angelo into having sex with a different woman and at the end the real king comes back to punish him with marriage to a woman he hates.

You also could do Helena although it is comedic.

Also if you're not bound to that list there are three great female parts in King Lear "the three daughters"

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