Why did the Catholic Church so vehemently oppose Civil Marriage for Gays in New York?

January 31, 2013 | By

Question by : Why did the Catholic Church so vehemently oppose Civil Marriage for Gays in New York?
Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Catholic Church essentially only recognizes a marriage if it occurs in a church itself.

In other words, if a Catholic guy and a Catholic girl went to a justice of the peace and got a civil marriage license from him, the RCC doesn't recognize that as a marriage to it. Since that marriage wasn't done in accordance with Catholic teachings.

So why would it even matter what the State says or doesn't say is marriage anyway?

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Answer by King Tut
Only the Pope can like men. And he tends to go for the young men.

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Comments (14)

  1. Jennifer Springbottom

    Because they stupidly think that it is a sin.

  2. Bender Bending Rodriguez

    They always hated gay marriage, and yet you’re surprised that they oppose it? I think you’re missing a few chunks of your brain.

  3. benthic_man

    we recognize creep for what it is- small movements towards a larger goal.
    I’m waiting for polygamous marriage to be legalized next. I feel awful for the poly-amorous couples who are having their rights squashed.

  4. great gig in the sky

    The Catholic Church essentially only recognizes a marriage if it occurs in a church itself. FALSE.
    I believe your issue is with the definition of marriage that God has given us of a man and a woman in Mark 10:6-9.
    Adding a straw man to this is just masking the fact that you cannot recognize that we define marriage as a man and a woman. PERIOD.

    > BTW: Hasn’t someone dropped a house or poured water on Nancy Pelosi yet? I believe her VP candidate will be Barney Frank if she runs in 2016. That is if a house or water don’t get her first.

  5. Kathy Miller

    Wow! Really? So I got married in the courthouse, like 25 years ago, so I am not really married? Well I think I will just go sow some wild oats then! Thanks!

  6. Woody B

    The same reason that the catholic church opposes anything… it’s a dusty and archaic institution that is hopelessly behind the times.

  7. Wolf Myth

    Its none of the Church’s business who marries who.

  8. Neat Guy

    Because this makes a laugh of my created order of things,that is why they fought it,but on a individual basis,if they want to go throughout life living in such a filthy lie then so be it,for they all die alone and childless,but that was their choice isn’t it.
    For greater fullness of graces and greater glory in heaven,
    Explore and discover the many gifts of APPARITIONS that God has sent for your spiritual guidance, enjoyment and enrichment ,for as in Gods PIETA PRAYER book, great are the heavenly treasures within these gifts.
    Pray the holy rosary for world peace and for all of Gods children to pray the holy rosary, and here is a blessing and a our father prayed just for you, with a loving hug from Jesus Christ for all of gods children.
    Carry a Holy Scapular on you at all times and you will be saved.

  9. Fitz Burrich

    Because they rightfully see gay marriage as a degeneration of societal values. I don’t support the catholic church but it is what it is.

  10. Mamaof4

    Very clever way you have of pointing out the hypocrisy!! Marriage is a legal institution, and as such any religious belief pertaining to who can & can’t get married has no place in the law. Each religion has total freedom to practice their beliefs and not perform marriages if they do not choose to “recognize” the partnership. If people would leave that alone, everyone would be much happier. Problem is churches of all kinds fail to see the error in their thinking in constantly wanting government “protection” for their beliefs, but then they turn to the government then to push their beliefs in another area. Government intervention in marriage began because of polygamy and as method to tax individuals. Religions have ordained marriages since the beginnings of society in various ways. Religious & governmental marriages are two separate structures and should remain as such in my opinion.

  11. thomas

    hypocrisy at it’s finest

  12. happygael

    Catholic Church defines marriage as between a man and a woman. Marriage is a sacrament in the Catholic Church. It recognizes marriages performed in Most Protestant churches. The church does not recognize marriages performed by civil officials.
    Gay marriages also have another sin. Homosexuality is forbidden by the church and most non-catholic institutions also. There fore gay marriage would be wrong. If something is wrong you are not supposed to approve or even tolerate it.

  13. RJP

    Nancy: The Catholic Church believes in the Sacrament of Marriage. The sacraments are exclusive to the Catholic Church and it’s teachings but are all (7) supported by the Bible in which all Christians believe. I believe every religious group supported the Pope’s decision. Separation between Church and State is still recognized…However, if a Catholic wants their marriage to be recognized in The Church, remain an active member and receive the Sacraments, their marriage should be blessed through the Sacrament of Marriage.

    Most Christian Churches…as a matter of fact, as do Jehovah’s Witnesses, Jews, and Arabs believe in marriage between a man and woman. Not only the Catholic Church vehemently opposed civil marriage, but every other religious organization was right with them…every church supported the Pope’s position.

    To those of you who couldn’t refrain from the Catholic Church & little boy attacks, PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING…PLEASE?

    I do want to ask why every time the Catholic Church comes up the conversation immediately changes to talk of “little boys” and priests and “the pope likes men or little boys…”

    “Catholic priests are more likely to be pedophiles than other groups of men…”

    This is just plain FALSE. There’s absolutely no evidence that priests are more likely to abuse children than are other groups of men. The use and abuse of children as objects for the sexual gratification of adults is epidemic in all classes, professions, religions, and ethnic communities across the globe, as figures on child pornography, incest, and child prostitution make abundantly clear. Pedophilia (the sexual abuse of a prepubescent child) among priests is extremely rare, affecting only 0.3% of the entire population of clergy. This figure, cited in the book Pedophiles and Priests by non-Catholic scholar, Philip Jenkins, is from the most comprehensive study to date, which found that only one out of 2,252 priests considered over a thirty-year period was afflicted with pedophilia. In the recent Boston scandal, only four of the more than eighty priests labeled by the media as “pedophiles” are actually guilty of molesting young children.”

  14. Daver

    < >

    For the same reason the Catholic Church vehenetly opposes same-sex marriage ANYWHERE.

    < a church itself.>>

    The Catholic Church only recognizes valid Holy Sacraments of Matrimony.
    Civil unions don’t count because they are mere legal proceedings, not Holy Sacraments.

    < with Catholic teachings.>>

    A court cannot do a marriage because a marriage is a Holy Sacrament. Only the Church has the Authority to administer a Holy Sacrament. A secular court is NOT a Church.

    < >

    The Church isn’t going to tolerate acts of the state that contradict Church Dogma.