Why do marriages these days end in divorce?

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Question by Westbound: Why do marriages these days end in divorce?
Statistics suggest that marriages of the 60's, 50's and before lasted longer. What is the world doing wrong?

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Answer by Ashes
cheaters, liars, and as'holes :)

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  1. Liberal and Proud

    Because marriage is an archaic institution. It has no purpose anymore

  2. Cort C

    oh THAT list could go on for ever.

    people get married for money,looks,a house and a car,kids,they are in “love” or they need someone to control. One out of 2 end in divorce now adays. My parents were married for 43 years. When my mother passed my dad fell to pieces.
    I was in a relationship for 6 and when that pig bailed out to some geek she married,I hurt for a while,but it heals.
    The trouble with my relationship was the b itch wouldnt stand by me during chemo. Nice huh? Oh well she has what she deserves now. Cant say Id shed a tear if she were hit by a bus. Aint love grand?

  3. volcano

    Because no one in the relationship wants to accept responsibility for their faults. As long as it’s the ‘other’ persons fault, it won’t work. A relationship involves 2 or more people, not just one. Sometimes the best thing to do is humble yourself and tell them you are sorry, even if you don’t feel responsible. I know that’s hard, but it works.

  4. Makeup IsArt

    People get married too fast. they don’t do things in the order they should be. (having sex AFTER they are married and not before., having kids AFTER they are married.)

    Couples get mad over too many little things. they need to stop getting mad over little, meaningless things such as why isn’t the house clean when i got home or why did you forget the milk when you went shopping? they need to not make a big deal out of everything and sometimes people don’t even need to say anything about some things.

    Couples need to learn how to fight. screaming and calling names isn’t going to help. If you’re mad about something wait til you calm down and bring up whatever is bugging you so much later in a calm, and nice manner.

    No one can accept their faults anymore. One of the two needs to be the one to step up and make things right. But a lot of the times neither does and the hate between the two adds up and they just no longer can live with each other and the feeling of love isn’t strong. And sometimes they just need to stay together even if they are having a hard time. No matter how many hard times they are going through.

    Couples need to get to know each other before they get married more. they need to know what makes each other happy, sad, mad. they need to learn what makes them cry, laugh. all those little things.

  5. BlueCross

    Young couples do not take marriage seriously. Temptation is worse than it was 30+ years ago. Women dress almost like they are naked. If your not a Christian, it makes it even harder to not fall in the trap of cheating.

  6. 1030makiko

    According to expertise, most of couples end in divorce if one of 2 people has diagnosis of clinical depression, and the data says about 1 in 7 to 10 person suffers depression in US, the number of patients is seriously increasing. In past, it was common sense that divorce sometimes induce depression, but recently depression likely to induce divorce.

  7. Heather

    People don’t take marriage seriously at all! If you read all the questions on yahoo answers about marriage they are ridiculous. Marriage is meant to be forever… but people don’t care anymore and quit whenever the going gets tough. Many people act very immature. Our parents and Grandparents had many of the same struggles and frustrations in marriage, but would have never given up.

  8. c0796

    People know are too afraid to deal with problems. Marriages will always have problems, people should acknowledge that going in. They should also work together in resolving the problems. Nobody said it would be easy. If your spouse has not committed adultery and/or isn’t abusive there is no need for divorce. This garbage about irreconcilable differences is such a poor excuse. Using that as an excuse isn’t acceptable. Work on the problems and the marriage will get stronger. Divorce over those problems and you are a coward that doesn’t deserve the title of Husband/Wife.

  9. murrayskeeter

    The world continues to evolve and so is the mind frame of the people. These are some of the reasons why people are resorting to divorce:

    1. Infidelity
    2. Communication Breakdown
    3. Physical, Psychological, or Emotional Abuse
    4. Financial Issues
    5. Sexual Incompatibility