Why do Native Americans today have such low divorce rates, like in the past?

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Question by Miami Sun: Why do Native Americans today have such low divorce rates, like in the past?
Tribes like the cherokee divorced infrewquently, and do so even today. Why is that so? Why do Native Amercans rarely divorce today?

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Answer by Deontre
They don't have gold diggers amongst their women.

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  1. Thunder Sleeps

    Because our men respect our women. Simple as that. And women take their roles as wives and mothers very seriously.

    Btw- native women who are raped, are raped by whites. And they don’t bother reporting it most of the time because tribal police can’t arrest a non-native, and state police can’t investigate a crime that occurred on the reservation. It is a catch-22 that predators take advantage of.

  2. youalreadyknow

    I know El Ramirez has 6 thumbs down but like he is correct. It really Is native american men raping native american women I’m sure other crimes happened and stuff but rape is a big problem inside the reservations along with drugs. I know this because my uncle is a police officer in the Flathead Indian Reservation. me and my dad were going to move there until he basically told us that most reservations including the Flathead Indian Reservation are basically like the hood

  3. Sarah

    I think it’s probably the fact that many Natives opt to marry in a Traditional manner, and often times our marriages are not recognized by governments beyond our own. That being said, if they don’t recognize our marriages, they aren’t going to recognize our divorces. I also know couples who have been together for over 20 years who have opted not to marry because of their cultural ways.

    For the fellas up above, here are some statistics from the Federal Department of Justice:
    •Native American and Alaska Native women are 2.5 times more likely than the general U.S. female population to experience sexual assault.

    •86% of perpetrators of sexually violent crimes against Native people are non-Native.

    So, curious to know, if it’s our men raping our women, why would YOUR government say otherwise?

    And I’m not calling El Ramirez a liar, but MISINFORMED. That documentary that he watched and posted a link to is regarding the problems of ONE tribe. In the U.S. there are 565 tribes. You cannot make a generalization about ALL Natives based upon information received regarding one tribe.

    Edit @ El: The documentary you have gotten your “facts” from went to ONE reservation. They said so themselves. I have no doubt Vangaurd was telling the whole story, considering the interviews with Natives that were shown, but they were telling the story of one reservation- not “all” or “most”. So where are you getting your information PROVING it happens on “most” reservations? I’d really be interested in seeing the source.

    And where is your source showing that Native Americans have not been trying to fight this epidemic of our women being raped by non-Natives? We HAVE been fighting this- but the thing you fail to realize is that Native issues do not receive attention from the media. That is why you have not heard about it. That’s the same reason you didn’t hear about Native people being left to die on reservations during an ice storm. That’s also why no one knows about the Natives on reservations who were left without homes or even drinking water during the flooding earlier this summer. It’s also why the recent increase of skinhead attacks on our people are unknown to most non-Natives- because the MEDIA FALLS TO REPORT ON IT. Because Tribal Nations are unable to prosecute non-Natives and state government is unable to prosecute criminals who commit crimes on reservations and the federal government opting not to even investigate these crimes, reservations have become prime sites for non-Natives to rape our women. Read the statistics by YOUR government- they have admitted there is a problem but are not fighting for it to be resolved- Native Nations are.

    And I’m sure you feel like a big man trying to tell me what my problem is, but you are the one who is pathetic. Never did I say there are not rapists in every race. I simply placed facts in front of you. FACTS, not opinions I formed from watching a documentary on one tribe of over 500. And rather than utilize those facts to educate yourself, you would rather resort to attacking me as a person. That, my friend, is pathetic. People like you are the reason the media fails to report on our issues. You would rather sit back and be blind to the truth than be confronted by it. You would rather wash your hands of the “Indian problem”, chalking it up to “everything happened hundreds of years ago” instead of realizing the poor treatment of Natives is still going on today.

  4. ƝɨѕhҠѡe

    That’s true in my area. Although the Native+Native marriages seem to outlast many of the Native+Non-native marriages. As Thunder says it’s because the marriage is usually one of equality and respect. But also because the couple often know one another for a much longer period of time prior to marriage.

    @ el ramirez,

    You’re the one misinformed the video discusses one particular reservation where some youth are engaged in socially deviant behavior.

    In any reservation (or non-native community/town) there are factions (often youth) that engage in socially deviant behavior. Nowhere does an entire population or race engage in the same behavior.

    In fact there was a “News Story” were a group of Non-Native youth filmed each other engaged in various sex acts during an all night drinking party. They were arrested when one of the girls called her mother after she woke up naked on the bathroom floor believing she had been raped. When the police arrived they found the video and charged the young men. Given your logic ALL Non-Natives must get drunk and film each other engaged in public sex acts. True?

    The Facts are:

    More than 86% of rapes against Native American women are carried out by non-native men, most of them “White”, according to the Justice Department.

    Legal Hurdles Stall Rape Cases on Native Lands
    U.S. Department of Justice – American Indians and Crime