Why do people get married, knowing that 1 out of every 2 marriages winds up in the toilet?

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Question by palmetto: Why do people get married, knowing that 1 out of every 2 marriages winds up in the toilet?
If 1 out of every 2 marriages ends in divorce, then that means both man and wife don't really love each other like they're affirming with their marital vows. Right or wrong?

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Answer by VicariousJade
That just means that the other 1 of 2 marriages will not end in divorce. I'd rather try and fail than never have given it a shot and wonder about what might have been.

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  1. tea.doubleyew.

    Because they’re in love. And they think that they’ll be the lucky ones that work out. I mean, I guess its a 50/50 chance which isn’t THAT bad.

  2. Eveline E

    Because everybody thinks his/her partner is special…later on they find out they were wrong!

    However,this question could also be: “Why do people do not get married,knowing that 1 out of 2 marriages is a perfect and happy marriage?”..lol

  3. Rachel C

    Well actually, 1 out of 2 is for the younger people early 20’s and teens. I got married because I am in love, I know that sounds cliche, but I also didn’t tell every boyfriend that I loved him. I was very careful about that, I also take my vows very seriously. A lot of people just get married because they think they are in love, but they also wind up saying “I Love you” in every relationship. I don’t overuse the word and I mean it when I say it. It depends on how you grew up and what you believe, both me and my husband don’t believe in divorce unless God gives a reason like adultery.

  4. blahblahblahblahblah

    cause you have to get that bad one out of the way. if everyone marries twice then they fulfill the statistic and live happily ever after

  5. TOMMOj

    I disagree.

    People fall in love with each other not looking at those statistics, they marry because the are in love…sure it could wind up in the toilet but 50% of marriages don’t.

  6. Me

    People always assume their marriage will be great. When you marry you don’t think about your divorce!

  7. Annabella

    My glass is half full :-)

  8. Elizabeth C

    People have delusional ideals about relationships. You see people who are in emotionally abusive relationships get married because they don’t know any better. There is no trust. Hence all the pre nup agreements that are being signed these days.
    And I believe the divorce rate is more around 60%…

  9. Sean M

    Almost every marriage isn’t perfect. The reason why people get married is so that they take a vow and remain faithful to that person. It is a true expression of love and many people do it out of religious belief or out of faith.

  10. msverychocolate


  11. jasenbenn

    I see your point, and its really sad that most marriages end like that.
    People see marriage as something that everyone does. I don’t know how it got that way, but nowadays everyone gets married. People find that they HAVE to get married. They don’t wait until they find the right person.
    The other thing is that they give up WAAAAYYYY too easily. They have a fight over what kind of spoons to buy, and with that small disagreement, they just let it all go.
    A lot of people dont try to strengthen their marriages, they just get married and thats it.

    I wish divorce wasnt so common. Even the Bible says that divorce is wrong.

  12. rrm38

    The same idea you’ve presented can be applied to tons of things. Why do people buy lottery tickets when they know that they only have a 1 in a bazillion chance of winning anything? Some people still believe that marriage is sacred and, at least at the time they say the I do’s, believe that their marriage will succeed. Nobody goes into marriage expecting failure. It’s kind of like when you’re a kid and believe that you’re invincible… the whole “that will never happen to me, it only happens to other people” mindset kicks in.

  13. jude

    because they are in love and believe it will never be them that this happens to. its impossible to tell when u marry who will make a good mate, sometimes even the ones u think would be good aren’t. but one still wants to try, because being alone isn’t all its cracked up to be.

  14. vicwhit

    I was married for 28 years and I am not bitter, nor do I feel that marriage is a waste of time. Remember that it is not the road you travel nor is it the end of the road you seek! Its the adventure in getting there. She ay have split with me after 28 years, but it was a wonderful adventure along the way. So dont worry about what people say or even do! Adventures happen every day, and if you speed your life just to worry about what ( could ) happen, you will miss the reason to live!

  15. Pupa

    Why do you get up every day if you know you might die anytime from any freak accident? Why do you try to succeed in life knowing that you might not and fail? People try to live their lives and be optimistic and happy with those precious moments they have. If people think the way you suggest we still be living in caves and hunting mammoths.

  16. Stedway

    Actually its worse than that, 50% end in divorces within 15 years. The divorce rate increases sharply after that.

    Only 5% of marriages end up life long.

  17. 6ofUs

    People still get married because for the most part they tend to believe in the vows and have the desire to keep them. That being said, while perhaps a lot of married couples go into it wanting to be faithful, it’s obvious that 50% of them don’t want to put the effort forth to make it so.

  18. SuzyQ

    They get married because they believe they are the one out of two that will succeed. Sometimes marriages fail for reasons other than they don’t love each other anymore. So, I guess you are both right and wrong.