Why does Kane continue to insult the Undertaker?

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Question by Mike: Why does Kane continue to insult the Undertaker?
Has he not learned from his lesson from Wrestlemania 20 after he got his butt kicked by the Undertaker, when he helped Vince McMahon bury the "Biker" Undertaker at the 2003 Survivor Series?

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Answer by Misshildy
Because it is written in his script.

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  1. The Lord Of Darkness

    It’s A Storyline.
    he’s told what to say

  2. Y2Jericho Save_Us _N-6_

    its part of the storyline, he is trying to prove that he is the dominate “brother”

  3. Brandon

    I like this storyline Its good to see him not being a jobber wherever its called

  4. Ananthu G

    well kane is kane and he was brought into the wwe to job for the undertaker
    to make taker even bigger

  5. The Bad Guy [X9]

    They’re building up the feud. Kane has lost to Undertaker so much, nobody would care if this storyline went any other way.

  6. The Lord of Darkness

    Mark Calaway, the person who plays The Undertaker in WWE, suffered a Broken Nose, Broken Orbital Bone and a Concussion against Rey Mysterio 2 SmackDown’s ago. The WWE are playing a storyline where Undertaker entered a state of vegetation where his fluids, metabolism and organs just shut down and he’s become immobile. He looked something like this: http://i212.photobucket.com/albums/cc108/vintageminx/cards/jackolantern.jpg
    And Kane vowed to destroy anybody responsible for the above link. Kane said The Undertaker would no longer return from the dead, but Undertaker will return with the help of Kane and the Druids.
    However, during this time The Undertaker married WWE Diva Michelle McCool, yes that is her real name. A photo of their wedding leaked and WWE were furious due to the fact that they wanted to sell the storyline; they wanted people to think he was really a vegetable.
    Undertaker is alive and well.
    However, Undertaker returned at SummerSlam 2010 appearing inside a casket. It was then revealed by Undertaker, due to attacking Kane, that Kane was the offender.

    Kane went on to say, on SmackDown, that after each WrestleMania victory, it took a little away from The Undertaker, until the victories became too much.
    He said also his “Holy Grail” wins (his title wins) and regular wins take “something” away from him, that when WrestleMania came around he saw The Undertaker was “weaker than ever”, and he (Undertaker) showed HBK Mercy.
    Kane said if Undertaker wasn’t truly weak, he would’ve destroyed what was left of Kane’s career, or he could’ve shown him mercy, given him a chance.
    After Undertaker showed him mercy, he knew he was weak enough to take out.
    Kane continued by saying Undertaker’s pride causes him to return, but it’s his pride that takes things away from him (by returning to early). He knew that now because he was weak, he would return before he was ready, and this caused him to be even more weak and feeble. Then, he attacked, and after his decade old plan.
    At SummerSlam he said, as he felt Undertaker’s weak grasp on his throat he knew his job was done, and then he dropped him on his head.

    Basically he’s saying now he’s too weak, he is “finished”.

  7. purityofevil2003

    Because he thinks he’s won.