why is there still a feminist movement and feminists?

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Question by Mike: why is there still a feminist movement and feminists?
As far as i know, women already have equal if not superior rights to men. Don't believe me? Who opens the door for women? who pays the bill at the restaurant? Who gets screwed over by divorce 99% of the time? Seems to me that feminists should no longer exist, and the ones who claim to be feminists now are really just feminazis who want more rights than males. Oh wait, they already do!

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  1. Alan Alda

    I was a huge feminist back in the 70s.

  2. jazz-phunk dancer

    People like you.

    The author Margaret Atwood once wrote,”if you can talk to a woman and see her as if she’s a real human, that is feminism”. It’s not all about the old fashioned idea of men paying for checks and smashing glass ceilings and getting revenge on men.

  3. Kerisaurus

    You’re talking about radical feminists, sir. And they are completely insane. You are generalizing, though. A lot of girls have started going half-in-half on the checks and what-not these days. I know I do, I don’t want the guy to think I owe him anything, and having him pay for it all is not equality. That’s just a girl being a d-bag. The divorce thing, well.. Most women end up with the children, so they are going to get more. Though sometimes they do go overboard.

  4. Helen

    Who earns on average 23 per cent less than men in the UK?
    Who makes up two thirds of the world’s illiterate?
    Who makes up 90 % of the 1.5 million people in the UK with an eating disorder?

    Answer? WOMEN

    One in four women living in the UK will experience violence at the hands of a current or former partner.
    The conviction rate for rape in the UK is only 6.5%
    17.6 % of women in the United States have survived a completed or attempted rape. Of these, 21.6% were younger than age 12 when they were first raped, and 32.4% were between the ages of 12 and 17
    Somewhere in America, a woman is battered, usually by her intimate partner, every 15 seconds.

    Women earn 78 cents for every dollar a man makes.
    Only 17% of the seats in congress are held by women.
    Although 48% of law school graduates and 45% of law firm associates are female, only 22% of federal level and 26% of state-level judgeships are female.
    Americas top female CEOs, on average, earn 33 cents to every dollar a male CEO makes.
    11% of engineers are women.

    There is nothing in the US constitution that guarantees women the same rights as a man. Despite attempts to add an equal rights amendment, there is NO GUARANTEE OF EQUAL RIGHTS OF AMERICAN WOMAN IN ANY LEGAL DOCUMENT OR ANY PIECE OF LEGISLATION.

    I could go on and on, but the internet’s there if you’re actually interested.

    But you know what? I hate when women expect men to pay the bill at the restaurant and hold the door open for her. Because that’s sexist, which believe it or not, actual feminists are against. I hold the door open for everybody, and walk through it when it’s held open for me. I offer to split the bill, and let the man decline if he wants to, then I offer again to make sure.
    Don’t let one woman speak for all of us. I don’t let sexist men speak for all of them.

    Where’s your statistic for the divorce from?