Why is this the average answer given here?

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Question by nocluewhat2do: Why is this the average answer given here?
When people write on Yahoo Answers (M&D) that they are having some issues within their marriage (cheating, lying, etc.) why is the main answer for the person asking to leave their spouse?

Doesn't anybody think that relationships can be saved even though there are problems within it? It's always "Dump him/her" There are some who advise marriage counseling but it's rare.

This is why the divorce rate is so high, people want "quick outs" instead of staying and trying to make it work.

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Answer by Trader Joe
yahoo answers married section is mainly ugly frumpy fat married women who hate their boring lives and their fat butts but can't stop from shoving doughnuts down their pieholes. they love to drag others down too.

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  1. Jackie

    Most of the time it’s only one of the spouse’s that is trying to make it work. The other one could care less, and gone on hurting the other one so badly. Why fight a losing battle? Most of the time the abuser does not want to go to marriage counseling. Yes, I advise the abused one to leave.

  2. Sheniquah Loves Facebook

    those are people who shouldn’t have married anyway to begin with

    hopefully they didn’t have any kids to drag into the mess

    who wonts to be friends with a liar and cheater, never mind be married to one?
    too risky. your health and happiness is not worth someone else’s lack of control over their nasty loins

  3. Nehru

    I agree with you. Most of the answers are sans seriousness.

  4. Annabella

    I never tell people that. It’s too easy to say when it’s not your life & it’s not a very interesting or introspective answer. Having said that . . . I can really be a b*tch sometimes because people on here ask the most stupid sh*t I have ever heard. But b*tch or not, I don’t tell people to just leave or get divorced.

  5. Julie H

    Because some issues like abuse and cheating are things not likely to be fixed. You can continue in a bad marriage and then divorce 10 or 20 or 30 years later. Sometimes, you need to admit the marriage can’t be fixed and get the divorce. Just ignoring the problem and hoping it goes away rarely works.

  6. wow


    If you have to be married, agree on being entitled to a mistress (and a “mister” for her) before you get hitched.

  7. Ranjan

    I would say ur perception is not right about this section of YAnswers…we all come from different countries and I come from India where the divorce rate is below 1%…My answer is always depend on the Information supplied by the Asker…One cannot blame the User for giving the advice of Separation/Divorce…its the person who already decided to get separated is putting the question here to verify whether his/her decision is right or not…World’s divorce rate is no way depended on YAnswers…but I would agreed to some extent that few Users are happy to give advice of leaving and moving on…but everyone is not same…and we should regard the difference of opinions, thats the beauty of life and this exists in every country, every society…

  8. Poppet

    In M&D, there are somethings that are deal breakers. Period. There is no working on it or getting over it. In those cases my answer is and always will be to say, “Get out.”

  9. Softtouchmale

    Not always.

    A lot of times if it looks like there’s a chance I usually tell them to talk to their partner and try and get through.

    But most of those times the asker says that he or she has already tried and tried to get through.

    Its pretty much a safe bet that when someone’s asking for advice here, they’ve already run the gambit with the partner, run the gambit possibly with friends and family members, even professionals; and then they end up here asking the questions because they’ve run out of places to ask.

    As for divorces or quick outs, there are none. People make mistakes. People get into marriages and then find out their partners aren’t anything like they were before vows were exchanged. Or the partner degenerates into something other than what he or she was.

    So if after trying everything in the world it doesn’t work, including asking questions here, sometimes the only way to deal with a bad relationship is to leave it.

    Other than that, I usually advocate trying to see where the root problems are. The problem with that is some people are too afraid to tell their partner what they’re feeling inside for fear of being judged or rejected. So that’s an issue too.

    You never know all the facts. So sometimes the only answer is to break up the relationship. Other than that I don’t think all the answers are breakup answers. Probably many more are “stay together” answers.