Why Western media portrays India and Hinduism in negative light?

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Question by Lily<3: Why Western media portrays India and Hinduism in negative light?
Western media portrays India like it's a huge slum,we all starve etc etc.. But do they know that India has middle class of 300 million consumers (as per 2001 census-so it's possible that number is increased)Why those documentry makers only go to slums and very interior parts? Why western media can't show beauty of India? Thanks to recent gang rape incident,now everyone thinks that every Indian man is rapist.
The portrayal of Hinduism is depressing as well. They show that we worship rats,eat monkey brains, worship cows and whatnot. They make it seem that Hinduism is not a religion but a superstitious localisation of archaic cults. Can't they show good aspects of Hinduism?
as for women, they make it seem like Indian women are very oppressed,victims etc etc.
Among all teachers in India, more than 50% teachers are women
If you take a look at different exam toppers(CBSC,SSC etc) most of the times it's a girl
If you go to any college-engineering,medical etc more than 50% students are girls. Even in different offices women work on very high positions, there are many women in our parliament.But sadly westerners think that such women are a anomaly. Though they are in so huge numbers.
I smell some sort of propaganda.
@Khatereh-I must say you have made very good points. However,I don't think Indian media divorce rates and western women in any way. At least media like-newspapers,news channels,tv documentaries etc. The people who bash 'western culture' are usually Hindu Extremists like RSS and BJP. I agree that some bollywood movies portray western women as a total slut-but honestly,bollywood directors have lowest iq imo. What I seee is, media like newspapers,news channels, television documentaries-which people trust-ars blackening India and Hinduism. I think that America overrates 'middke easterners are terrorists' I find it very ironic that once upon a time, America helped them and now is whining how dangerous they are!
@Mariana-don't rapes,assaults happen in your country? The number of rape,assault cases is proportional to population,hence appears huge to you.

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  1. Awkward Nerd

    Africa and South America have the same exact problem. I think it’s because Americans like to think they are the best country.

  2. Khatereh

    I agree. I think just like the Eastern media portrays the US and the UK in a negative light also: Some good things about the West that are actually positive are painted in a negative light: example freedom of speech, cultural freedom of dating. Some Indians tend to think dating is ”not acceptable” that Western girls are ”too wild” and ”given too much freedom” and that Western marriages end up in A LOT of divorces when it’s actually not true: divorce statistics raised a lot because of online cheating, overtime at work, women being more independent therefore not fearing a separation from their husband. The truth is that there will always be a ”healthy divorce rate” because in The West when a couple don’t find themselves compatible anymore and the marriage doesn’t seem to work, it’s necessary to end the marriage: consequently to divorce. It’s wonderful that people can take that decision to move on with their lives after committing one mistake. In India divorce is frowned upon, couples whose marriage does not work at all will rather stay in the same disastrous situation because they see no way out. It’s almost like society is telling them they have no right to divorce because they will become ”social outcast”. It’s actually terrible but they fail to see the benefits of how getting a divorce easily is in The West.
    Regarding Indian women, i agree that the Western media doesn’t talk about girls who go to college, achieve a high position and choose their husband. Despite looking like the ideal path for a girl, the Western media will not highlight these cases. That is because it is positive and positive news don’t sell as much as negative ones.
    Also: getting an education, a good job and meeting a husband of free will is considered NORMAL for a girl in the West, so why would the media talk about it? It’s ordinary for Westerners. However: Not going to school and being married to a stranger by your parents is NOT THE NORM in the West so of course the media is going to spend time on talking about that. And considering the alarming statistics of reported forced marriage victims and family abuse in the UK who seek help from the authorities there is a lot to talk about….

    Read this it’s absolutely interesting: http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2012/jun/08/forced-marriage-ban

    British Newspapers are full of this, because…it’s just what’s happening sadly. And The West cannot allow its citizen to being abused like they would be in a Third World country.

    The propaganda is from both sides. Don’t Indians have a lot of degrading predjudice and ”cliches” over Western people that are not true? Apart from the rate of divorces? I heard lot of Indian men think Western women are ”good to abuse” emotionally and physically because they are ”easy” Now that’s demeaning! And NOT true: Western women are women like any other women: They like to get an education, earn their own money, be independent, take their own decisions, go out with who ever they want, marry who ever they want, have a child whenever they want. Let’s not be hypocrite EVERY woman wants that. Western women are just taking it for granted because they have these rights since a LONG time, unlike some Asian women.

    I am half Arab and I know for a fact that propaganda is from both sides: In America, Arab men are ”terrorists”, ”violent” and in The Middle East Americans are ”Evil” and ”the real terrorists”
    The truth is none of this is true….both Americans and Arabs are normal people, they have feelings, do things normal people do but Western media keeps associating Arabs with explosion and Jihad on TV while Arab media keeps on trashing US media with ”The Kardashians” and reality TV…
    And I wouldn’t agree the thing you said about Hinduism. How many hippies and other Western people go to India or buy Indian stuffs, like to practice yoga and these stuff. I’d say Hinduism is like a trend in the West , just like Buddhism, White people love it and many convert lol I’ve never seen Hinduism bashed in the Western media but praised many times for health and spiritualist stuff. Islam yes I have seen it trashed in the Western media.