Would it be appropriate for a women to wear a wedding gown when?

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Question by stevel226: Would it be appropriate for a women to wear a wedding gown when?
My beloved and I are getting married in a few months. It's my 2nd and her 3rd marriage. It's going to be in a Judges chambers with maybe 10-12 guests. Recently my beloved decided she wanted to wear her old wedding dress. When I saw it I fell in love with it. Do you think it's appropriate to wear at a ceremony in a judges chamber? Will we get any funny looks?

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Answer by passsiongirl08
I think it's great to wear the dress. You may get funny looks, but who cares. This day is for you and her.

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Wedding dress, 1920
wedding dress 3rd marriage
Image by east_lothian_museums
Miss Jean Vass wore this cream silk wedding dress when she married Mr Benjamin Moodie. The wedding took place at 3 o'clock, on Wednesday the 28th of January 1920, in the Menzies Rooms, Musselburgh.

This is a one piece, cream silk wedding dress. It was handmade with gold embroidered detail round bodice and wrists, ribbon detail round waistband, gathered into loops at the sides, 'arrow' shaped embroidered detail on bodice, two layered 3/4 length skirt.

In the 1920s, ladies wedding dresses reflected the fashions of the day. Nowadays it is common for a bride to choose a dress in an older traditional style.

Accession Number - 2001.451

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  1. LuXy In Love!

    Why would she want to wear a dress from a prior marriage? That seems a little in bad taste. Why would she want to go into a new marriage with a huge reminder of her last (failed) marriage?

    She can wear a wedding dress if she’d like but I think it would be a little silly to!

  2. Wedding Plannner and now B2B too

    The way I see it is if she wants to wear the dress then wear it. she should feel beautiful!

  3. Rixie

    It’s a bit odd to wear a dress that you have already worn for a failed marriage. But hey, it’s your wedding and if you don’t feel strange about it, then who cares if people give you funny looks.

  4. hamrrfan

    There is no rule against it. If it has meaning to both of you, then she should wear it.

    People do so many things to trivialize marriage, clown suits, underwater, in hot air balloons, etc. It looks like you are both see it as something special.

  5. scranasha

    if you both like it why not. it is a bit strange and i don’t think i could do it but each to their own. surely most people there won’t know unless they were all at the wedding she wore it too.
    i say go for it.

  6. SChi25

    I don’t see any problem with wearing a wedding gown at all. But I’m not sure that I would want to wear a dress from a marriage that ended. The symbolism there is just too freaky for me. Personally, I’d go out and buy a new dress. New life, new dress = a fresh start.

    To me, that would be the same as using the same wedding band.

  7. Evil Autumn

    I take it that she wore this gown in a previous marriage? That seems a little strange to me. I don’t see a problem with her wearing a wedding gown but I think maybe she should find a new one. She can look for something in a similar style she may just find one she loves even more.

  8. LushLinzi

    doesnt matter where it is, the only issue i have with it would be that she wore it to a previous wedding!!!!!!!!!

  9. mj_puce

    It’s totally up to the two of you, but I believe that dress from her previous marriage must have a lot of emotional baggage attached to it from the past. Better for her to start fresh and get a new dress!

  10. Donna D

    at the end of the day its your weddig day so who cares what everyone eles thinks it’s what you and your bride to be want that matters.

  11. NikkiM♥BTB 08/29/09♥

    as long as it doesn’t bother either of you that it’s been worn before then go for it! Why buy a new dress when she has a perfectly lovely old one that you both love.
    good luck and congrats!

  12. yummyk80

    If you get funny looks who cares? Its your day. I dont know about her wearing a dress that she wore in another wedding though. It seems kinda taboo. why not look for a new dress to wear for a fresh start?

  13. Gretchen K

    If both the bride and the groom are fine with the fact that she wore the dress for a previous marriage, then who the heck cares? Really, this is the practical choice, plus you both love the dress. The wedding industry would love for her to go out and drop a few thousand dollars on a brand new dress, but if you both like the dress and are happy with it, then this is much less wasteful.

    In fact, it sounds very healthy to me that you are both able to put the past where it belongs and focus on your future together. Anyone on the outside who has a problem with her wearing an old dress is just projecting their own issues, in my opinion.

  14. Spot

    Do you really care what other people think? As long as you’re dressing nice there shouldn’t be any problem with it… but do you really want her to wear a wedding gown she wore to marry someone else? Maybe you two should budget in a few bucks to get her a simple wedding gown that is new for your new memories?

  15. Confused in the City

    i agree with passion. if she feels that she looks glamorous then let her wear. a women doesnt feel comfortable and happy if she doesnt have the outfit that makes her feel confident and speacial. its both of your day and if she feels like wearing then let it be——–that can be her something old and you can be her something new and all the blue could you love balls waiting to be released jk. good best of wishes.

  16. AngelBaby

    I think its a little strange to wear a dress that she previously wore….but if ya’ll don’t see anything wrong with it then i guess it would be okay. Its your day so do what you’d like!

  17. ninerbiner

    I have seen many weddings like that.. a bride in a huge white dress and a guy in a tux runing out of the municipal building with 3 people throwing rice. hehe it was actually cool because other people get to stop and feel happy for a minute because you all are so happy. i always love seeing it!

  18. Heather

    I think it’s really strange that she would want to wear a dress that she wore to her wedding to another man to her ceremony with you.